Who We Are

Snapp Toon is created by veterans of game development and computer graphics. We've been in animation for over 25 years and have worked on popular franchises including Star Wars, Star Trek, X Mean, Spider man, Civilization, The Sims, and more.

We’ve put our experience and love for animation in making Snapp Toon the most accessible tool for everyone who likes to create stories with animated characters.

What is Snapp Toon?

SnappToon is the best app for creating 3D cartoons in a snap: Choose characters; Combine shots; Export video.

It's like an independent animation studio in your pocket. You are the director, producer and animator. You tell your story.

The core of Snapp Toon is a simplified production toolset. We cut everything boring from the 3D animation production and gave you the best real-time storytelling tools:

  • Design characters from ready-made parts.
  • Animate characters by mixing template moves.
  • Generate and customize shots.
  • Combining shots with sound to assemble your story.
  • You will have your first animated character clip in minutes!

And the best part is that all the elements in Snapp Toon are created and shared by the Snapp Toon community. This means you have access to a vast library of high-quality assets that you can use to create your own unique animations. You can also keep ownership of your work and even monetize it.